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Barry McKeown       Phone:
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Chuck Newman, Carl Schumann, Prakasam Tata, Barry McKeown, Jo Raoul, Pat Merryweather-Arges,  Rachel Ossyra, Atul Akhand, Dick Galitz, Roger Iliff, Sophia Luo, Richard Tatara, Brett Weiss, John Knobloch, Ed Graham, George Arges, John Anderson, Julie Berkowicz, Monica Katsigazi, Marian Stricker, Bibhash Barua

Committee meets monthly 2nd Friday 7:00 AM usually at Newman Architecture, 1730 Park Street, Suite 115, Naperville, IL 60563


Changing the World – One Project at a Time
The International Service Committee is made up of members ready to lead and support projects to help people in need around the world - including the US.

To Donate to International Services - please consider a contribution in any amount from $25 on up to $1,000. Just click the button and fill in your donation 
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2021-2022 PROJECTS Chairman: 
Barry McKeown

2020-2021 PROJECTS Chairman: 
Barry McKeown


Chicago Area, USA                                                                 Budget $84,803       

The COVID-19 pandemic struck with deadly swiftness in early 2020.  In March 2020 institutions went into lock down quarantining patients and individuals sheltered-in-place in their homes as this unknown virus was not understood and no vaccines were yet available.  The new virus was extremely contagious and elderly and ill people were particularly vulnerable.  Physicians were frequently unable to see their patients and families were unable to see their loved ones. 

This project was an emergency effort to enable physicians and family members to communicate with isolated patients and nursing home residents using the technology of ipads.  The idea to make ipad donations to care centers originated in The Rotary Club of Naperville, but quickly picked up support from the worldwide Rotary organization when several Districts began promoting it.  Funding came from many Rotary Clubs in northeastern Illinois, Japan, Croatia, Naperville Rotary Charities, and The Rotary Foundation resulting in the donation of 264 ipads to 47 nursing homes, 21 acute care and safety net hospitals, two pediatric hospitals, one Veterans Administration hospital, two hospice centers, one behavioral health hospital, one long term care hospital, and 4 emergency units in hospitals.

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $6,850 to this project


Tokyo Area, Japan                                                                   Budget $35,000

This was a targeted, quick-hitting global grant that made a big impact at two Hospitals in Tokyo and Narita, their healthcare providers and the communities the Hospitals support.  Healthcare providers at these Hospitals were provided 2,722 medical protective gowns.

This is a Rotary Club of Tokyo Hiroo project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,050.


Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia                                                        Budget $58,072

Hospital Santa Barbara is the only Third Level public hospital that serves the entire state of Chuquisaca and the southern states of Tarija and Potosi and is also a teaching hospital for medical students and health care workers from the universities in the region.  The hospital covers a population of approximately 1 million and performs diagnostics and treatment for 3,600 neurology patient per year.

This project will provide a Mayfield unit (cranial fixation system for the surgical table) Craniotomy equipment set to improve neurosurgery.  

Separately training will be provided through medical training missions from the United States that will be organized and financed by our partner organization Solidarity Bridge. 

This is a Rotary Club of Chicago project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $5000.


Las Mangos, Honduras                                                                   Budget $53,100

The existing school is old, over crowded, and unsafe due to its dilapidated condition.

This project will construct a new modern school that can accommodate future growth in the community.  The new school will incorporate a WASH program.  Teacher quality will be enhanced by additional training from the teacher’s college and an additional teacher will be hired.

Other benefits from the project will be that the local contractor will hire many local people to work on the project as a training program to help them develop construction skills.  Adult education for local citizens will be offered in maintenance training for the school and financial training for their personal lives.

This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project to which the Club contributed $15,750.


Hyderabad, India                                                                            Budget $146,885

This is a sequel to prior project GG1638402 that provided 12 dialysis machines to Gurunanak Medical Center to provide free or low cost dialysis to the many poor people in the community that suffer from diabetes and kidney disease.

This project will upgrade the Gurunanak Medical Center with additional dialysis equipment, a number of diagnostic and analysis equipment items, and improve the doctor’s facilities.

This is a Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $15,750.


Nueva Colonia, Jalisco, Mexico                                               Budget $196,393.00

This project is for the construction of a new modern school for the Tamaasti Paritsika school in the community of Nueva Colonia, Mezquitic Jalisco, Mexico.  The new school will provide basic education and literacy for students attending the school.

This is a Rotary Club of Chicago Little Village project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1050.


El Oro, Ecuador                                                                            Budget $84,600

This project will provide reforestation of key water sources in the Rio Moromoro micro-watershed, and training to water consumers, irrigation groups and others in the Rio Naranjos watershed in the province of El Oro, Ecuador.

This is a Rotary Club of Chicago project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,575.


Alenga, Uganda

Alenga is a remote rural community in Uganda in the region of Lake Victoria and the White Nile River.  Villagers survive on subsistence farming and fishing.  The region is a lowland area and suffers frequent flooding from Lake Victoria and the Nile river overflowing to inundate the area.

First the COVID pandemic occurred in 2020 and was then followed by severe flooding to the extent that many families lost their homes and their crops. The community was in lockdown and in jeopardy of starvation. 

U4Uganda is a 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit organization formed to uplift the children of Alenga through improving their education which is very elementary.  U4Uganda began reaching out for support to meet the needs of these desperate people in their dire situation.  

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $2,000 to U4Uganda to assist their food program providing beans, maize flour, oil and salt to sustain the impoverished residents.


DAGO, KENYA                                                                                       Budget $3,500

Dago is a small rural village situated in western Kenya with a population of about 3000.  Most homes are constructed of clay and mud with grass or metal roofs.  There is no electricity or running water in Dago.  The majority of the residents are peasant farmers of the Luo tribe.  Education is very minimal with most students going only to grade school and many never finish.  Girls were at a disadvantage because boys were given preferential treatment in the local school system and rarely received much education.

Education in Dago above grade school was almost unheard of until the Weiss Scholarship Foundation was organized to fund high school education for students who excelled in the local school.  Attending high school required moving to and living in a larger city that had a high school.  Tuition to attend high school for four years would cost $3,500 which is beyond possible for local villagers to afford.

The Rotary Club of Naperville has developed a program to fund a full four year high school scholarship for one Dago student annually, alternating girls and boys.  This first year of the program The Rotary Club of Naperville will donate $3,500 to the Weiss Scholarship Foundation to send a girl from Dago to high school for the next four years.

This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project funded entirely by the Club.


Dago, Kenya

The Weiss Scholarship Foundation was interested in ways to help students in Dago for whom they were unable to provide scholarships.  In February 2020 The Rotary Club of Naperville made a $2,500 grant to Weiss Scholarship Foundation to develop the Dago Tailoring School which will provide vocational training for students that can lead to a useful occupation.  

Sewing machines, tailoring machines, and an initial supply of fabric was purchased and the first class of nine students began work making masks for COVID-19 protection from the pandemic for all 3000 of the village residents.  An experienced instructor was hired to teach the students basic skills and later advanced skills of making tailored clothing.  The need for tailoring in Kenya is great and the expectation is that the Dago Tailoring School will become self-sustaining.  When students graduate they will have the skills to work in the tailoring business or as entrepreneurs.  Longer term the school hopes to attain official Kenyan vocational school status.

BLOOD DONOR CENTER PROJECT                                    

Lagos, Nigeria                                                                         Budget $55,000

This project will establish a new blood donor center at Police Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is a Rotary District 6450 project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $10,500.


Southern Sierra Leone                                                             Budget $40,616.75

The COVID-19 pandemic has a serious impact in Sierra Leone.  Pan African Health and Social Services ( PRHess ) operates a community hospital in Moyowa, Sierra Leone.  This hospital is a major healthcare provider serving residents in and around the rural  southern Leone community of Fallay Wujah with a population of over 30,000.

This project will provide a COVID-19 virus diagnostic and treatment apparatus, personal protective equipment, antiseptics, and disinfectants to treat residents and nonresidents who contract the disease in southern Sierra Leone.

This is a Rotary Club of Homewood project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,050.

DIGITAL LITERACY REVOLUTION                                    

Croatia                                                                           Budget $655,000

Digital era has made coding, including algorithmic way of thinking and problem solving skills, widely recognized as the key competency in STEM (and many other fields), that is being introduced into elementary schools’ curricula worldwide.

Main objective is to create Digital hubs in approximately 500 elementary school libraries in Croatia by deploying advanced but affordable (*micro:bit), supported with rich content and training. 

These digital hubs will be used to introduce conceptual coding nationwide in lower grades (1-4) of elementary schools.  This way we redefine literacy and enable kids to adopt skills and knowledge required for the global challenges thus radically improving equality of opportunity irrespective of country’s GDP, gender, school systems or personal preferences.

This is a Rotary District 1913 project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,313.


BLUME Haiti Supports a network of 40 music schools throughout Haiti with about 5000 students.  Last year The Rotary Club of Naperville joined BLUME Haiti to start a training program to train technicians the skills necessary to repair the hundreds of music instruments that constantly need maintenance and repair.   Last year the program was limited to virtual instructions due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

This project provided BLUME Haiti with $5,000 to continue the music instrument training program.  Funding was provided to employ a skilled instructor to teach trainees and also begin actual repair of instruments at various schools.

This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project funded with assistance from the Tiburon-Belvedere Rotary Club in California.


Quimistan, Honduras                                                                          Budget $3,000

Prior project GG1982553 SIMPLE SCHOOL QUIMISTAN HONDURAS provided funding to construct a new modern school for the Quimistan community.   Construction was disrupted by two severe hurricanes, Eta November 5, 2020 and Iota November 18, 2020.  Flooding was so severe many homes were flooded or totally destroyed and many roads and bridges suffered damage.

This project is an emergency project to provide the engineering design for a new bridge named “San Miguelito Bridge” to be constructed over the Cuyamel River to replace the old bridge that was destroyed by flooding due to the hurricanes.  Completion of the new Quimistan school is being delayed due to difficulties delivering construction materials to the new school site.  The Rotary Club of Naperville provided $1,500 toward the design estimate of $3,000.

This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project funded jointly with Schools for the Children of the World.


Naperville, Illinois USA                                                                    

The International Service Summit planned for 2020 had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and resumed as the 2021 Summit May 1, 2021, albeit as a virtual summit. The purpose of the International Service Summit is to provide a forum where service organizations, foundations, interested individuals and corporate sponsors can interact with suppliers, and each other.  Virtual booths were set up for each organization and vendor so that attendees could easily find and interact for their mutual interests.  

The 2021 conference theme was EMPOWERING THROUGH EDUCATION focusing on two concepts: 1) Challenges in Improving Formal Education in Areas with Limited Resources and 2) Challenges in Teaching Sustainable Skills to People with Limited Formal Education. As a virtual conference conducted via WHOVA sessions it presented an opportunity to include more speakers than would have been possible as an in-person conference.  Speakers as listed in the program were:

Introductory Conversation: The Importance of NGO Assistance to Help Improve Education

  • Delvin Salgado (Speaker) Mayor, El Negrito, Hondoras

  • Karina Umaña (Speaker) Director of Operations - Honduras, Schools for Children of the World


The Need and Challenges for NGO’s to Support Formal Education in Under-Resourced Countries

  • Jerome McDonnell (Speaker) Worldview Solutions

  • Carlos Avila Molina (Speaker) Former Honduras Minister of Education and Immediate Past Honduran Ambassador to the Holy See

  • Charles Newman (Speaker) President and Co-Founder, Schools for the Children of the World (SCW)

  • Esther S. Hicks (Speaker) Director of Catholic School Identity and Mission and President of Adelante Mujer, Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago (Retired)


Educational Opportunities for People with Limited Formal Education, for People Having Difficulty Finding Jobs, and To Sustain Projects


The Summit was organized through The Rotary Club of Naperville Charities.  Funding was provided by The Rotary Club of Naperville, sponsors, vendors, and attendance admission.

No grant monies were used.

2019-2020 PROJECTS Chairman: 
Barry McKeown


COVID-19 HELP FOR SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS                                   GG2011521

San Pedro Sula, Honduras                                                                      Project Budget $40,562.50


This is an emergency project expedited to provide humanitarian care when the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly struck worldwide in early 2020.  The entire world healthcare system was caught unprepared to treat the wave of victims infected by the COVID-19 virus.  Many of the lesser developed countries were particularly unprepared and vulnerable, including Honduras.


This project was implemented to provide funding to purchase medical supplies and equipment for hospitals in San Pedro Sula.  Two i-STAT Blood analyzers and 1600 test modules were purchased to monitor oxygen levels in the blood of virus patients.  Other personal protective gear including masks and gloves were also supplied.  As a result of the equipment provided, the mortality rate of covid patients at the hospital in San Pedro Sula dropped from 38% to 12% when doctors were able to properly monitor and regulate oxygen levels in the patient’s blood.


This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $19,372.50.

SIMPLE SCHOOL FOR BANDERAS, HONDURAS                                                        GG2097244

Banderas, Honduras                                                                                             Project Budget $44,825


The existing school for this community has only two class rooms, one of which is in very poor condition and is used for kindergarten.  A busy highway divides two sides of the school territory resulting students put in jeopardy as they cross the highway.  The community desires to have two separate schools, one on each side of the highway for safety of the children and to provide space for growth of the student population.


This project will provide the new separate school across the highway from the existing school.  The school will be built with quality material and incorporate teacher training and a WASH program.  Expense for construction will be shared with the adjacent city of Quimistan providing site preparation, site security, general contractor for construction, and labor including training local participants for skills for various trades.  This project covers the expense of design, project management and construction material.


This is a Rotary Club of Oak Lawn Healthcare project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $2,730.


SIMPLE SCHOOL FOR EL AGUACATE, HONDURAS                                       GG2095528

El Aguacate, Honduras                                                                               Project Budget $48,050


Aguacate is a growing city and the schools are overcrowded now to the point that classes are held in two shifts to accommodate all the students.  Site selection for a new school selected this location as a consensus by the city Mayor, community leaders and residents to address future growth needs. 


The new school has the support of the Honduran Ministry of Education and will be a public school for the community.  This new school will be constructed to incorporate best practices, quality material, and modern sanitary standards.  Teachers will receive training in coordination with the local teacher’s college in the capitol, San Pedro Sula.  Training for good hygiene practices will help implement a WASH program.


Expense for constructing the new school will be shared by the city doing some of the work such as site preparation, site security, and providing much of the labor as a training program for teaching the skills of various trades.  This project covers the expense of design, project management, and purchasing construction materials.


This is a Rotary Club of Shelby (Shelby, Michigan) project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,050.

EL NEGRITO SCHOOL FOR SPECIAL NEEDS                                          GG2093213

El Negrito, Honduras                                                                           Project Budget $69,116


Existing school facilities are dated, in poor condition, and are ill suited to accommodate the needs of students with down syndrome, autism, physical disabilities and other learning or mental limitations.  Sanitation and toilet facilities are substandard detracting from a conducive learning environment.


This project will construct a new modern school designed to address the special needs of the many children in the community that have various problems and will improve the learning environment for other students by providing separate facilities for those with special needs.  The new school will provide modern sanitation and toilet facilities and a WASH program will train staff and students about improving health and hygiene.


This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project working with the Rotary Club of El Progreso. 
The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $15,750 to this project.


El Progreso, Honduras                                                           Project Budget $55,100


Honduras does not currently have programs for children with special needs in this part of the country.  This project will create a small school for children with special needs.  A modern school will improve educational opportunities for children  with physical and emotional disabilities such as down syndrome and autism. 


Additional benefits from this project include modern toilet facilities and a WASH program to train staff and students about improved health and hygiene.  Teachers will receive additional training for special needs and adult education. 


This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project working with the Rotary Club of El Progreso.  
The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $15,750 to this project.

partners with BLUME Haiti  11/2019

BLUME Haiti is an organization that supports a network of 31 music schools throughout Haiti. The BLUME in the name stands for Building Leaders Using Music Education.

In 2016 The Rotary Club of Naperville collected music instruments and donated 50 instruments to Metronome Musique in Port de Paix, Haiti, one of the schools in the BLUME Haiti network.

All Music instruments eventually need maintenance and repair. No music shop in Haiti could be found with capabilities for quality repair of band instruments. BLUME Haiti has developed some capability to repair string instruments and has now decided to develop a program to train technicians that are capable of repairing band instruments. This is careful tedious time-consuming work that requires patience and craftsmanship skills that are not readily acquired.

The Rotary Club of Naperville has again partnered with BLUME Haiti to get a Music Instrument Repair Program in operation. BLUME Haiti will send selected technicians to work with master craftsman in repair work shops until they have developed sufficient skills; then the technicians will return to Haiti to begin repairing instruments in the network of schools.

The Rotary Club of Naperville has provided BLUME Haiti with $7,872 which will purchase repair kits of tools, equipment, and supplies for the returning technicians to set up repair shops across the Network of schools in Haiti.

Blume haiti schools supported

2018-2019 PROJECTS Chairman: 
Dick Galitz

Leukemia  Diagnostic Equipment                                                         GG1982317

Hyderabad, India                                                                            Project Budget $94,000

Purchase a 10-Coloured Cytometer for improved identification and diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Host Club Hyderabad Deccan and International Club The Rotary Club of Naperville.

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $30,000 by a direct donation from NRC.

Delhi Ashoka WASH in Schools Target Challenge Project                 GG1984136

North Delhi, India                                                                              Project Budget $255,000

Implements WASH in School in 19 schools in Dehli, teaching safe water, sanitation and hygiene

Host Club Delhi Ashoka and International Club Box Hill Central Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $2,625.

Therapeutic-Sensory Gym for Children with Disabilities                        GG1982872                                                      

Chicago, Illinois, USA                                                                       Project Budget $55,000 

Outfits a gym for children with physical, intellectual or developmental impairments augmenting physical, occupational and speech therapy and parent volunteer organization (Parents of Extraordinary Children) and Claretian Associates (property acquisition).

This is a reverse grant with Chicago World Nations as Host Rotary and Guadalajara Internacional as international Rotary Club. 

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $4,725.

GUATEMALA-CLEAN WATER DELIVERY-TANKS                                    GG1981321
San Lorenzo El Tejar, Guatemala                                                Project  Budget $30,000


This is phase 2 for the prior project GG1637990, see 2015-2016 projects for details.


Builds two water tanks for a community that has water delivery only once a day for one hour.

Host Club Guatemala Metropoli and International Club is Naperville Sunrise Rotary Club.

The Rotary Club of Naperville provided $525.

Vision Varanasi                                                                                            GG1876114

Varinasi, Andre Pradesh, India                                                     Project Budget $40,260


Provides cataract surgeries and needed equipment to the financially needy in Andre Pradesh.  Provides screening, surgery and follow up at no charge.

Host Club Varanasi Sunrise and International Club Sonoma Valley Rotary.

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1050.

EMCEESkool – Peace Through Artistry Project                                          GG1873936

Chicago, Illinois USA                                                                          Project Budget $50,000

Building Community Peace Ambassadors using Spoken Word.  Provides self-motivated artists with the proper tools and training to build peace through their arts.  Trains leaders and youth leaders, to prevent and mediate conflict in violence prone areas of Chicago. 
This is a reverse grant through the Tras Amadi Club in coordination with Chicago Southeast. 

The Rotary Club of Naperville participated with a Direct NRC grant of $5000.

SIMPLE SCHOOL QUIMISTAN HONDURAS                                              GG1982553

Quimistan, Honduras                                                                  Project Budget $42,000


Building simple schools is a new type of project for The Rotary Foundation and this is the first school in a two year pilot program.


The existing school in Quimistan has 53 students and one teacher for grades K through 6 in a primitive building.  This project will build a new modern two room school for the village and hire a second teacher in an effort to improve education and literacy.  The new school will include modern toilets and sanitation facilities.  A training program about water and sanitation health will be conducted for the staff and students to improve health and hygiene.  The new facilities are expected to attract more students and heighten the value of education among the local population.


This is a Rotary Club of Darien project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $525.



Naperville, Illinois USA                                                        Project Budget $ 5,800


The International Service Summit was held for a second year to provide a forum  where service organizations, foundations, interested individuals and corporate sponsors can interact with suppliers, and each other.  Booths were set up for each organization and vendor so that attendees could easily find and hold discussions of mutual interest.  The summit was held at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois.  A program session featured keynote speaker Wendy Pearlman, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University, and the author of  four books and many articles.  A panel discussion session moderated by Jerome McDonnell, host of NPR/WBEZ Worldwide, followed the keynote speaker to discuss making foreign aid and projects more effective and sustainable.


The Summit was organized through The Rotary Club of Naperville Charities.  Funding was provided by The Rotary Club of Naperville, sponsors, vendors, and attendance admission.

No grant monies were used.

PEDIATRIC HEART SURGERIES                                                     GG1978968           

Mumbai, India                                                                        Project Budget $209,000


In Mumbai a number of children are born with heart anomalies that require surgical correction for survival.  Children born to lower income parents are at great risk of survival  because their parents cannot afford to pay for the required heart surgery.


This project will provide open heart surgery, free of cost to economically disadvantaged children, infants and newborns suffering from congenital heart diseases, who cannot afford the cost of open heart surgery to cure their heart disease and enable them to pursue studies and enjoy quality life thereafter.  Agreements have been made with two state of the art hospitals in Mumbai to perform these surgeries at discounted prices.  Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Research Center and H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital both have highly qualified doctors and state of the art facilities and are willing to perform these surgeries.


This is a Rotary Club of Bombay Pier project to which the Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,050..

2017-2018 PROJECTS Chairman: Dick Galitz

PEACE BUILDING CONFERENCE                                 DG                   P-1962

Chicago, Illinois USA                                                     Project Budget $38,175


One of Rotary Internatonal's goal's is promoting world peace.  This conference focused on education and literacy using a Rotary-UN model approach for discussion and voting on resolutions to address the way high school students interact in situations of conflict.  Conflicts in high school too often carry over to interactions that occur outside of school and can result in bullying, physical altercations and shootings.


The conference brought together 150 high school students representing 50 countries that researched and presented positions on two peace related resolutions.  High school faculty worked directly with student leaders to prepare their presentations while Rotarians served as advisors for the presentations and discussion.  The presentations gave students experience in developing a resolution and delivering their  presentation as a discussion leader.  Students benefited from having adults listen to their point of view.  Many of the students came from low income neighborhoods in the greater Chicago area, Rockford and from Dallas, Student leaders planed to share their experiences with classmates after returning to their schools.

This project used a $5,000 District grant with remaining funds raised by several Clubs.

The Rotary Club of Naperville provided funding of $11,860. 




Naperville, Illinois USA                                                        Project Budget $4,818


The International Service Committee has been conducting philanthropic projects for years and thought it would benefit us and other regional organizations to come together to share information, best practices, and synergies if we can collaborate.


The International Service Summit was organized to provide a forum  where service organizations, foundations, interested individuals and corporate sponsors can interact with suppliers, and each other.  Booths were set up for each organization and vendor so that attendees could easily find and hold discussions of mutual interest.  A program session featured keynote speaker, Atia Abawi, who discussed the plight of broken families and refugees created by the war in Syria and the fall out throughout the middle east.  A panel discussion session, moderated by Jerome McDonnell, host of NPR/WBEZ Worldwide, followed the keynote speaker to field questions and comment about how to provide assistance to foreign countries.  The summit was held at the Naperville campus of Northern  Illinois University.


The Summit was organized through The Rotary Club of Naperville Charities.  Funding was provided by The Rotary Club of Naperville, sponsors and attendance admission.

No grant monies were used.


Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India                                                  Project Budget $119,841

According to the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research of India, the estimated number of people suffering from cancer is about 2.5 million.  Every year an estimated 750,000 are registered as cancer patients, and 60,000 deaths occur due to cancer.  There are many poor patients in India.  More than 50 years ago Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Center set up a cancer hospital in Mumbai which also provides free treatment to poor patients. It has decided to set up a similar cancer hospital in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.  This will be the only cancer facility in the area to treat oral, cervical, breast, and uteran cancer - cancers which are prevalent among village women.

This project was organized by the Rotary Club of Secunderabad in Telangana and the Viskaha Port City Club in Visakhapatanam to help the hospital build the new cancer treatment center by providing some of the equipment needed for cancer treatment so that the center can provide free treatment for the poor.  In particular equipment provided included a Colposcope, a multi component mobile collection system, a lymph endema pump with sleeves, a dialysis machine,  a bed for dialysis treatment, a hysteroscopy set, an ambulance, and  a reverse osmosis water plant.  Funding also was provided for training health workers, for signage, and for educational and promotional material.

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $20,790 for this project.

2016-2017 PROJECTS Chairman: Uda Potgieter

MOBILE BLOOD COLLECTION VEHICLE                                 Global Grant  GG 1753141      Hyderabad, India                                                                                     Budget $117,013                                                                                                                

This project will assist the existing Rotary Blood Bank of Hyderabad by providing a mobile blood collection vehicle.  The Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan has been successfully supporting a Rotary Challa Blood Bank in Hyderabad since 2009.  However, it is not operating at its full potential due to the inconvenience required for blood donors to go to the blood bank to donate blood.  The mobile blood van will go to locations of convenience for blood donors at corporate offices, manufacturing plants, and community facilities rather than requiring them to come to a collection facility.  Educational material will be distributed to inform the public and blood donors about health issues and the importance of being a blood donor.

The blood bank is supplying blood free of charge to several charitable hospitals and organizations for accidents and emergencies, treatment for cancer and other illnesses, and also to Thalassemia patients.  The Indian population has a significant number of people with blood disorders and many of these are children.  The goal of the mobile blood collection van is to collect enough blood to operate the Rotary Challa Blood Bank at its full capacity.

This is a Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $20,000.

HUMANITARIAN: DISEASE PREVENTION AND TREATMENT                      GG1641180          Teocaltiche, Guadalupe Chapala, Tlaquepaque, Mexico                      Budget $57,750                                                

This project will provide two 53ft semi trailers of medical  equipment to outfit and upgrade two existing hospitals and a clinic in the state of Jalisco, Mexico; and to provide training for operators of the equipment.

Cruz Roja of Teocaltiche is a newly constructed hospital in Teocaltiche funded by community groups.  The hospital building is complete but has no equipment.   This project will supply equipment to outfit the hospital and train equipment operators to put the new hospital into operation.

Servicios Medicos Municipales de Chapa is an existing clinic providing health care for the Guadalupe Chapala area.   Their equipment is old and not enough equipment exists to serve the needs of the community.  This project will provide additional basic equipment and some equipment for providing higher quality health care.  Training for operators of the new equipment will also be provided.

Cruz Verde Tlaquepaque is the only second level hospital serving the region.  Lack of sufficient equipment prevents the hospital from operating at its potential.  This project will supply equipment to upgrade and  enhance the level of health care the hospital can provide, and to train equipment operators.

This is a Rotary Club of Chicago Northwest project that is conducted in a collaboration with Project C.U.R.E. and Curando Mexico.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $200 to the project.


Port de Paix & Port au Prince, Haiti                                                            Budget $9,615

The Haiti Musical Instruments Program began as a heart-felt desire by Joseph Raoul, who grew up in Port de Paix, Haiti, to give back to that community in the form of providing music education for the children of the community.  Haitian people have a great love of music and combining education and music provides an effective medium for uplifting youth in Haiti, giving them skills to better their lives and also become happy productive citizens in the future.

The original concept was to collect donated instruments and deliver them to a school in Port de Paix.  Collection of instruments began in late 2015.  As the project developed it was enhanced by the necessity to give all donated instruments maintenance and repair service to ensure they were in playable condition, this was accomplished through Ellman’s Music Center at favorable rates.  Seman Violins was also a contributor of instruments and repair.

Investigating schools in Port de Paix led to the discovery of Metronome Musique, a newly organized school for instruction of classical music, that is sponsored by BLUME Haiti. BLUME stands for Building Leaders Using Music Education. 

Correspondence with BLUME Haiti quickly determined this organization would be an excellent fit for our objective and a good partner to work with.  Metronome Musique was in need of additional instruments to expand their programs and had just established itself as an affiliate of CEMUCHA which is a larger organization based in Cap Haitian engaged in music training and performance in Haiti.

This project also provided Joseph Raoul an opportunity to honor his parents Judge Joseph Raoul and his wife Livie, who were life-long residence of Port de Paix.  The instruments were delivered to Metronome Musique as a memorial to Mr. Raoul’s parents in February 2017 with a ceremony conducted by Joseph Raoul.  A total of 49 instruments were donated including two pianos, violins, violas, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, flutes, guitars, keyboards, a mandolin, and a drum set.

While visiting Haiti in 2016 to attend the 200 year anniversary of Lycee Alexandre Petion, Joseph Raoul’s  high school Alma Mater, he developed a second part to this project in which 14 instruments were also donated to Lycee Alxandre Petion.  These were donated to the school at a ceremony conducted by Joseph Raoul in February 2017.

This project was funded entirely by The Rotary Club of Naperville.   No grants were applied for.


Nsukka, Nigeria                                                                                          Budget $30,000

The Rotary Club of Naperville began providing assistance to Bishop Shanahan Hospital in 2009 and has done four major projects in which the hospital complex has been upgraded.  The complex is building a new Nursing School which is scheduled to begin operations in September 2016.  In May 2016 Chuck Newman and Pat Merryweather- Argus visited the school to review progress following a governmental accreditation review regarding the new construction.

The governmental review produced a long list of items that did not pass inspection and needed to be corrected before the school could receive accreditation to begin instruction classes.  This development was not expected and would require a concentrated effort to complete by September and would cost an additional $30,000 for which no funds were available.  If the school could not open in September an entire school year would be lost.  The need for training nurses in Nigeria is critical as only one other school existed and nurses were in short supply.

When Chuck and Pat returned they brought this surprise development back to the International Service Committee for discussion and probed the committee finances as to whether the committee could provide assistance.  Pat solicited donations from a number of private sources which produced $8,625.  Considering the critical nature of the problem the International Service Committee decided to provide the remaining $21,375 to complete the modifications on time so the nursing school could open in September.  Happily the school opened on time.

The Rotary Club of Naperville provided all $21,375, no grant funds were applied for.

2015-2016 PROJECTS   Chairman: Rachel Ossyra

PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT OF TYPE 2 DIABETES BY TREATMENT IN A NEW DIALYSIS CENTER                                                       Global grant GG 1638402  
Hyderabad, India                                                                      Budget $159,420

Diabetes is a particularly vexing problem in India.  The population has a higher than normal occurrence of diabetes and the medical treatment provided by the government is either lacking or inadequate when it is provided.  To further exaggerate the problem most poor people  cannot afford to pay for treatment which results in much suffering and premature death.

This project will set up a community based dialysis center to serve patients in the Rotary District 3150 area on a free or pay as you can basis.   A dialysis center will be set up in association with Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Relief Foundation Trust by providing 12 dialysis machines at Gurunanak Medical Center which is a charitable hospital already running polyclinic and diagnostics.  The clinic will also do training and educational instruction for staff and patients.

This is a Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan in India project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $31,710.


GUATEMALA-CLEAN WATER DELIVERY-TANKS                   Global Grant GG1637990 
San Lorenzo El Tejar, Guatemala                                                               Budget $37,650     


San Lorenzo El Tejar is a semirural village on the outskirts of La Antigua inhabited by family groups with limited income or opportunities for improvement and is mostly neglected by the State with regard to services.  The source of water is a state operated distribution system that reaches only a few homes and all other homes must carry water from a common tank that only receives water about one hour each day.

This project will install piping and an elevated water storage tank to 28 homes so that these homes can have access to safe water all day for culinary water, washing, bathing, and operating latrines. 

This is Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise project conducted with their cooperating organization Asociacion  Imaginin Guatemala to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $525.


WATER WELL AND DISEASE PREVENTION IN  SIERRA LEONE     Global grant GG1639049   Moyowa, Sierra Leone                                                                          Budget $89,565                               

Pan-African Rural Health & Social Services (PRHeSS) a 501c3 organization  affiliated with the United Methodist Church is constructing a new 30 bed hospital, PRHeSS Community Hospital, to serve rural Fallay Wujah communities near Moyowa, Sierra Leone.  The medical complex surrounding the hospital will include a training center for midwifery, laboratory technicians, and vocational education.  The hospital will later add another 30 beds to double its capability.

This project will provide safe potable water and sanitation for the medical complex by drilling a 100 ft deep bore hole and installing an elevated water storage tank and reticulation piping system.  A 50 KVA diesel electric generator and solar panels will be installed to provide power.

This is a Rotary Club of Homewood project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $3,150.


 Hyderabad & Visakhapatnam, India                                                    Budget $13,000                                                                                                                                     

Club member, Prakasam Tata Phd, a native of India, organized this project to send a team of experts to India to conduct workshops in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam to train operators of wastewater treatment plants as a way of reducing pollution in the effluent being returned to streams and lakes.  Four members of the team were from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) where Dr. Prakasam Tata also served a long career.  The workshops foster a strong cooperative relationship between India and MWRD.

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $13,000 as no grant funding was used.  Additional support was provided by Bharathi Theertha and District 3150 in India.


Port de Paix, Haiti                                                         

This project was inspired by Club member, Jo Raoul, who is a native of Port de Paix.  The project will collect donated Musical instruments and ship them to Port de Paix to establish a music education program for students at a local school.  Music training and performance will enhance the quality of life for the students and the community.

This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project and no grant funds are used.


UPENDO VILLAGE                                                                                                         Naivasha, Kenya

Upendo Village was developed as a grass roots project from the original concept is 2000 and the vision of providing a refuge and treatment facility for men, women, and children suffering from the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Africa.  Upendo Village does not discriminate against any faith, creed, skin color, age, gender or sexual orientation.

The Rotary Club of Naperville has been a major supporter of Upendo Village since its early years of existence.   The Club has done several projects there in prior years and at other times held fund raisers for general support.  The Club this year again held a fund raiser and donated $11,200, no grant funds were used.


NSUKKA WATER WELLS AND TOWERS                                    Global grant GG1527440   Nsukka, Nigeria                                                                                  Budget $110,659

This project is a continuation of the development of Bishop Shanahan Hospital and the affiliated complex owned by the Catholic Diocese in Nsukka that The Rotary Club of Naperville has been supporting since 2012.  Safe reliable potable water is in short supply in Nigeria.  The project will drill a 250 meter (820 ft) water well and erect a 5000 gallon elevated  water storage tank and a reticulation piping system at both the Bishop Shanahan Hospital and the nearby Model School complex.  A 40 KVA diesel electric generator will be installed at the Model school to provide power to the school and pump.  This project will provide safe potable water for the Hospital and model school and also water sales to others in the community.

This is a Rotary Club of Naperville project to which it contributed $37,456.


ENHANCING MEDICAL INFRASTRUCTURE IN HAITI           Global grant GG1526256               Jerusalem, Gressier, Carrefour Feuilles, Port au Prince, Delmas , Haiti                                                                                                                                          Budget $168,444

The magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 destroyed much of infrastructure in and around Port au Prince including homes of many poor residents.  As a result several tent cities developed for immediate shelter.  Medical care became even more dire as existing hospitals also were damaged.

This project has undertaken to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure in Haiti for five communities by providing medical equipment and supplies, and training of community healthcare workers.  The project is conducted through Project C.U.R.E. which will provide the medical equipment and much of overall project planning.  Existing healthcare providers in each community will receive support to upgrade their capabilities.

This is an Illinois Medical District project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,500.


LLORIN NIGERIA CLEFT SURGERY PROJECT                     Global grant GG1635295   
Llorin, Nigeria                                                                                          Budget $53,000

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with a population of 170 million people.  There is also a high incidence of cleft lip and/or palate with 1 of every 750 births resulting in a cleft anomaly.  There is a dearth of reconstructive surgery available in Nigeria and the population is too poor to afford it even if it were available.   General Hospital Llorin wishes to develop a cleft care capability and the University of Llorin Teaching Hospital wishes to acquire more skills for their surgical staff to train surgeons and support hospitals.

This project will send a team of surgeons, anesthetists, and nurses to perform 80 cleft procedures and provide training for surgeons, proper procedures for anesthetization, proper care for and use of surgical tools, proper care for patients, and good practice methods for hospital services of patient documentation, sterilization, and hospital management.  Alliance for Smiles will provide an initial supply for surgical instruments and supplies.

This is a Chicago Southeast project to which the Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $3,150      .


PEACE IN CHICAGO SCHOOLS                                          Global Grant GG1532124               Chicago, Illinois USA                                                                         Budget $56,000                                   

Many neighborhoods on the South side of Chicago have a high crime rate, rampant gang activity and violence that infects the not only the neighborhood but also pervades into the school environment.  This project aspires to develop an integrated approach to support Chicago youth and provide them with tools and strategies to achieve inner and outward peace and to successfully address conflict situations by providing successful resources and tools to support Chicago school children to have and act upon a vision of peace in their own lives, homes, and communities.  In particular, this project will address issues at Kilmer Elementary School in the Rogers Park neighborhood and Roosevelt High School in the Albany Park neighborhood.

This project was conceived in the Chicago Little Village Rotary Club but was structured as an international project from the Rotary Club of Goioere in Brazil.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,253 to this project.


Nsukka, Nigeria

The Catholic Diocese of Nsukka, Nigeria is constructing a model school near the Bishop Shannahan Hospital which we have supported in three prior projects.  We also have a current project GG1527440 to provide a waterwell, water storage, and water distribution system for this model school. 

This project will use $4,000 from Naperville Rotary Charities to provide computer equipment for use in medical training and administrative operations at the school.


COMPUTER CENTER INSTRUCTOR                           
Viazianagaram, Andhra  Pradesh, India

The Rotary Club of Naperville in collaboration with Bharathi Taheertha developed a computer center for underprivileged youth in Vizianagaram using a District Grant in 2012.  The center has been in operation for the past two years, but needs an instructor to improve its value. 

This project will use $1,000 from Naperville Rotary Charities to provide assistance to Bharathi Theertha with startup funding for obtaining a part time instructor for the computer center.


ULTRASONIC ASPIRATOR FOR CANCER TREATMENT                Global Grant GG1416244       Umuarama, Pirana, Brazil                                                                                           Budget $102,222

Cancer is a significant and growing health condition in Brazil and all of South America.  Treatment facilities for treating cancer are very limited and have only begun to be constructed in recent years. A new cancer hospital was begun in 2009 and just completed in 2015 in the city of Umuarama in the State of Parana, Brazil.  Umuarama has four universities and is a major medical center for cancer treatment, a medical school and other medical training.

This project will provide an Ultrasonic Aspirator for the new hospital to be used during surgical procedures on liver, brain, and pancreatic cancers.  It will also be used for cancer research being conducted by researchers from nearby universities and the National Institute of Cancer in Brazil (INCA).

Funding for this project is a major collaborative effort by 15 Rotary Clubs in District 4630 in Brazil and 6 Rotary Clubs in District 6450 in United States.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $2,500 to this project.


2014-2015 PROJECTS  Chairman: Rachel Ossyra

NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL GRANT                District Grant DG                                                                                                                          Budget $4,000

The Rotary Club of Naperville has completed two projects at Nsukka, currently is working on two more, and anticipates additional projects in the future.  The rigor and complexity required to obtain approval of grant funding from The Rotary Foundation has escalated significantly since the Future Vision methods have been implemented starting in 2010, and projects can no longer be done without direct involvement of personnel from the lead Club. 

The Rotary Club of Naperville has committed to the long term development of the medical and educational complex in Nsukka, Nigeria operated by the Catholic diocese .  Nigeria is a developing country that still remains quite primitive in many places while a few metropolitan  areas lead the way forward toward modernization - Nsukka is one of these places.  Prior visits to Nsukka revealed that the community can benefit from guidance in developing modern business and management methods.

This grant provided partial funding to send a team of three Rotarians Pat Merryweather, Chuck Newman, and Rachel Ossyra from Naperville to Nsukka who joined a leadership team from the Catholic diocese of Chicago to conduct a week long series of workshops for strategic healthcare planning, long range educational planning , and business development within the community.  Meetings included Nsukka Rotarians, staff from University of Nigeria Nsukka, and Junior Achievement Nigeria to facilitate collaboration with the Nsukka medical and educational complex.  These leadership workshops resulted in promulgating  long  range plans for operating the medical hospitals and  educational schools; and also determining future needs. 

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TO NIGERIA                            Global Grant GG1415458                                                                                                                    Budget $88,380

This project is a sequel to our 2010-2011 project  MG75066 Medical Equipment For Bishop Shanahan Hospital to continue building the capabilities of Bishop Shanahan Hospital in Nsukka and its two satellite hospitals St. Mary’s Hospital in Enugo-Ezeke and Our Lady Health of the Sick Hospital in Adani, Nigeria which together serve a population of 1.2 million Nigerians.

Nigeria is a developing country with significant healthcare challenges and unmet medical needs including a relatively low life expectancy, a high maternal death rate, a high infant mortality rate, and a very high risk of major infectious diseases.  The recent outbreak of Ebola in several West Africa  countries has added another health risk to be dealt with.  70% of the population lives below the poverty line and healthcare expenditures are only 5.3% of GDP.


This project will deliver three 40 ft containers, one for each hospital, of quality recovered and refurbished medical equipment and supplies from Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach to provide critical items needed by each hospital to increase the amount of healthcare they provide to an under-served population.   A fourth container will provide protective gear and supplies to help control the spread of infections, including the Ebola Virus Disease.


The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $13,461 to this project.


Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hudhud, a killer typhoon hit coastal Andera Pradesh, India on October 14, 2014.  Several villages around Vizianagaram suffered severe devastation essentially wiping them away.  The poor tribal families that inhabited these villages lost all their possessions - their homes, their clothing,  their cooking utensils, etc.  An emergency rehabilitation project was organized by Club member Prakasam Tata raising approximately $4,070 from members of The Rotary Club of Naperville,  Bharathi Theertha, and Naperville Rotary Charities.  While in India the money was used to purchase pots, pans, blankets, tarpaulins, etc. which were distributed in person by Prakash  along with the President and President-designee of the Rotary Club of  Vizianagaram (Messrs. Kiran Babu and Praveen Anchalia) and other local volunteers to about 200 tribal families to help them restart their lives.  Logistics were organized by the Maharaja Institute of Medical Sciences, Nellimarla, Dist. Vizianagaram at no cost.  

This was a Club project, no matching funds were requested from either the District 6450 or RI.

2013-2014 PROJECTS  Chairman: Chuck Newman


Armenta,  Honduras                                                                 Project Budget $223,000


The village of  Armenta, Honduras with a population of about 2300 is located in the foothills of mountains approximately 250 km northwest of the capital city of Tegucigalpa.  The village is not totally primitive and does have basic amenities.  However, the population is very poor with few employment opportunities locally and unemployment at 60% requires that people travel to San Pedro Sula to find work. 


Armenta has a chronic water supply problem due to the old distribution system being old, undersized and in dilapidated condition which results in some homes only receiving water one day each week.   The Rotary Club of St. Charles has obtained a grant to partner with Engineers Without Borders  and Dayton Service Engineering Collective to construct a new upgraded water system to meet the needs of the current village and its anticipated future growth. 

The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $500 as a partner in this project.

2012-2013 PROJECTS   Chairman: Bill Epp


Vision for Kenya is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois dedicated to aiding healthcare centers and rural hospitals in Kenya.  Vision for Kenya and Rotary are partnering to provide clean water to hospitals in rural Kenya.

Vision for Kenya, NFP has teamed up with Lugula Mission Hospital in the western part of Kenya to provide an improved facility for medical treatment by sponsoring a professionally dug water well and a water infrastructure system. 

This is a Rotary One project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $1,000.




Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India                                      DSG#                                                                                                                                  Project Budget $7,076.00


Bharathi Theertha is a nonprofit organization registered as 501(c)(3) in the United States and as a 80 G in India with the mission of promoting education, environment, and health for those who are under privileged due to their low income and primitive life style.  A donor in India donated a property in Vizianagaram that also has a structure to Bharathi Theertha for the purpose of developing the structure into a computer training and learning center, and will also provide a computer cafe’ for a poor section of Vizianagaram.


Although Vizianagaram is a large city of approximately 2.4 million population, there are many people living at the poverty level whose children can remain trapped in a life of poverty because they lack the skills to get better employment in the modern world economies.  By providing a facility to give these children computer skills it can give them an opportunity to advance to a better more fulfilling life.


This project will provide the renovated building with equipment for 20 computer workstations and a 50 inch TV to be used for digital instructions.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $4,000 to this project.




Cozumel, Mexico                                                               Project Budget $


Diveheart is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of rehabilitating wounded military veterans and helping build confidence and independence of disabled veterans and other disabled children and adults through the sport of scuba diving.  In the zero gravity environment underwater people can overcome their disabilities and function at a high level.


This is a pilot project in Cozumel, Mexico in which Diveheart will work with

the rehabilitation community in Cozumel and the Marine Park of Cozumel to teach  disabled local people and visiting people how to scuba dive; and then utilized their skills to help the environment by working with the Marine Park on coral reef restoration and other marine biology projects. 

This is a Rotary Club of Downers Grove project to which The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $500.

2011-2012 PROJECTS     Chairman: Chuck Newman

Nsukka, Nigeria                                                                       Project Budget $57,645

This is a large project started last year and will use funds from the current year to complete the project.  See 2010-2011 for description of the project.


Patzcuaro, Mexico             Project Budget $12,650

The City of Naperville, Illinois has established a Sister City relationship with the City of Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. The Rotary Club of Naperville has a relationship with Mujeres Aliadas which operates a birthing clinic and a school to train midwives based in Patzcuaro.   All four Rotary Clubs in Naperville and the Sister Cities Commission of Naperville are jointly working to send medical equipment obtained from Mission Outreach to Patzcuaro.   The equipment will upgrade the capabilities of Mujeres  Aliadas and Hospital Civil in Patzcuaro which  is a primary care facility for the region of approximately 150,000 population, and two local ambulance services

NOTE 2-14-2013  After two years this project was terminated due to inability to obtain an import permit from the Mexican government.


This is a large project that was divided into two separate matching grants.  The project originated in India District 3060 to provide basic necessities for a number of schools in the District.  District 3060 lacked funding, having mostly District Designated funds available, and contacted  District 6450 for financial assistance to complete the project.  After reviewing the request, Rotary One and The Rotary Club of Naperville decided to share the cost of providing the funds required.

BENCHES     MG #75907                    Project Budget $41,223

This project will provide 50 schools with 20 benches each so that students will no longer need to sit on the floor during classes and will greatly improve the education experience, especially in the cold winter months.  Approximately 4,000 students are being educated in the schools involved.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $2,150 to this project.

BOOKS AND BICYCLES    MG #75918                      Project Budget $48,400

This project will provide 50 primary  schools in the District with 25,000 notebooks and 10,000 dictionaries.  An estimated 5,000 students who otherwise would not be able to have these amenities can have a better educational experience.  A second part of this project will provide 500 bicycles for girl students that live some distance from the schools and might otherwise not be able to attend school due to the distance of commuting.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $850 to this project.


COSTA ABAJO / COLON, PANAMA                                    Project Budget $ 2,950

This is a Rotary Club of Chicago Heights project working with Hearts in Motion and the Rotary Club of Christobal Colon in Panama to ship a 40 ft container of medical equipment obtained from Mission Outreach to Panama.    A clinic in Costa Abajo was destroyed by fire.  The government of Panama constructed a new clinic building in 2010, but did not provide any funds for equipment to outfit the new clinic.  This project will provide medical equipment and supplies to outfit the new clinic and upgrade two other clinics on the Atlantic coast of Panama.   The Rotary Club of Chicago Heights needed financial assistance and The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $500 to this project.

2010-2011   PROJECTS   CHAIRMAN:  Prakasam Tata

SMOKELESS STOVES                                                                  MG #75304 

Satna, India                                                                     Project Budget $25,050

The purpose of this project is to reduce fire hazards and improve the air quality inside village dwellings in rural India by replacing open fire cooking with smokeless stoves vented to the outside.   The project will provide 200 single pot ceramic stoves and 290 double pot ceramic stoves for the tenements, and equipment to set up a  briqueting business to supply the community with briquets for the new stoves.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $7,300 to this project.


GENERATOR FOR GRACE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL                             MG #75071 

Petion-ville, Haiti                                                                        Project Budget $21,500

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in 2010 devastating much of the country.  Grace Children’s Hospital in Delmas, Haiti, suffered so much structural damage that it had to be demolished.

After the quake, hospital workers and medical personnel quickly reestablished service by utilizing a number of temporary facilities to continue providing health care that had suddenly become even more urgent.  Although again providing health care, Grace Children’s Hospital was frustrated by outages in electric service from the local utility.

The purpose of this project is to provide a 100 KW auxiliary generator for Grace Children’s Hospital.  Local power is unreliable and critical hospital care including surgeries is at risk due to unexpected power outages.  Reliable power will provide for a significant improvement in the quality of health care given to children and adolescents.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $6,100 to this project.


Nsukka, Nigeria                                                                       Project Budget $57,645

Bishop Shanahan Hospital is the primary health care provider for the region in and around Nsukka, Nigeria – an area of 110,000  population.   The hospital has undertaken renovation of it’s dated facilities and constructed a new satellite care center to better serve the growing needs for medical care.  The purpose of this project is to obtain quality medical equipment from Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach and ship three 40 ft containers of equipment to Nsukka to outfit the renovated existing hospital and the new satellite care center.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $29,500 to this project.



Upendo Village is a project designed by Kenyans to respond at the local level to the needs of Kenyans living with HIV / AIDS.

The Rotary Club of Naperville, IL hosted the third annual Upendo Village benefit with Meson Sabika restaurant’s owner, Hossein Jomali. Sisters Florence and Francisca enjoyed the night of socializing, delicious tapas and sangria, while delighted supporters shopped hand-made crafts from Upendo Village. Thanks to the generosity of Hossein Jomali, and the dedicated work of Patricia Merryweather, Liz Zienty, and selfless volunteers, the night was a success.

2009-2010  PROJECTS   Chairman: Chuck Newman


Nsukka, Nigeria                                       Project Budget $28,300

Bishop Shanahan Hospital is the primary health care provider for the region in and around Nsukka, Nigeria – an area of 110,000  population.  The hospital is quite old and needs to be Renovated, which is in the planning stages.  The existing electrical generator is too small for the existing hospital and near black outs are common at night.  This project will provide a new 150 KVA diesel-powered electric generator which will be suitable for the hospital after the renovation that is planned, and provide adequate power for the hospital to operate full time.

2008-2009  PROJECTS   Chairman: Jyoti Chokshi / Chuck Newman

SOLAR LANTERNS,  Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India              MG # 70664   

                                                                                           Project Budget $25,000

Sixty five million households in rural India are not connected to the electrical grid and use kerosene lanterns and oil wick lamps for lighting.  These kerosene lanterns and oil wick lamps create a fire hazard and a health hazard by polluting the air inside the tenements. The purpose of this project is to replace the kerosene lanterns and oil wick lamps in the villages of Siyaram and chitrakoot with rechargeable solar lanterns which can then be shown as a demonstration project for others to follow.  This project will provide 425 solar lanterns and solar recharging equipment for the replacement lighting, and training for operators to maintain and recharge the lanterns.  An additional benefit is that women can make a microenterprise from the recharging operation.  Improved lighting and a better health environment will provide better study conditions for students inside the homes.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $8,000 to this project.

2007-2008  PROJECTS   Chairman: Chuck Newman

WATER WELL AND SANITATION FACILITY                             MG # 63831

Dupadda, near Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh, India        Project Budget $42,160


Duppada, Vizianagarm District, Andhra Pradesh, India is a poor village in India.  Villagers typically drew water by rope and bucket from a shallow well or hand pumped from a tube well and carried the water to their dwellings in large pots over their heads.  Well openings did not prevent contamination from surface runoff or debris.  They washed clothes and bathed around these sources of water.  Most people in the colony did not have latrines.   Wastewater resulting from washing clothes at the water sources flowed and formed stagnant puddles which provided a habitat for mosquitoes to breed and spread disease.  Open defecation by most villagers was the practice, and darkness of nights provided privacy for women and adolescent girls living in the colony. 

Groundwater is now pumped into a newly constructed water tower.  A portion of the water is treated in a reverse osmosis plant which has a capacity of 1,000 liters per hour.  Water from the tower is also piped to the three lanes of homes and standpipes with faucets are located near the homes to avoid the hardship of carrying water long distances.  Separate sanitary latrine and bathroom complexes separated by a park were built for men and women.  A septic tank with a tile-drain treats wastewater from the bathroom-latrine  complexes.  The sale of treated water provides the needed income for maintaining the bathroom-latrine complexes.   The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $21,357 to this project.




Upendo Village, Naivasha, Kenya                                   Project Budget $31,690

Upendo Village was developed as a grass roots project from the original concept is 2000 and the vision of providing a refuge and treatment facility for men, women, and children suffering from the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Africa. Upendo Village does not discriminate against any faith, creed, skin color, age, gender or sexual orientation.

Water for the compound was obtained from a hand dug pit.  Not only was the water unsanitary, but was also found to contain fluoride in toxic levels.  This project will provide a new water well, storage reservoir, and de-fluoridation equipment to provide safe water for the compound.



HIV / AIDs EDUCATION AND SCREENING                          MG# 67057 

Mthatha, South Africa                                                Project Budget $25,000

HIV /AIDs is epidemic in Africa with 1 in 10 South Africans being infected.  This project will be coordinated with Rotary Club of Mthatha in South Africa and Walter Sisulu University to provide  HIV / AIDs education and screening, palliative care for infants and young children with AIDs, and retro-antiviral drugs and education for pregnant women and newborns.  The Rotary Club of Naperville contributed $8,317 to this project.

2006-2007  PROJECTS   Chairman: Pat Merryweather

ALLIANCE FOR SMILES                                                       Project Budget $1,000

Alliance For Smiles provides free reconstructive surgery and dental treatment to children with cleft lip and palate anomalies in underserved areas of the world.

SCHOOL UNIFORMS                                                            Project Budget $1,000

This project will provide school uniforms for 200 students at Juna Rampura School  in India so that they may attend school.

MICRO-ENTERPRISE / SCHOOL UNIFORMS                    Project Budget $5,900

School children in Eastern Province , Kenya need uniforms to attend school.

This project will establish a micro-enterprise that is expected to become self sustaining and also provide the needed school uniforms.  Four heavy duty manual sewing machines and material to make 500 uniforms will be provided along with initial funding for labor to get the operation underway.

HIV / AIDs EDUCATONAL PROGRAM                            Project Budget $

Tikondane, Zambia

This is a Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise project which we are partnering with.

HIV / AIDs is epidemic in Africa.  This project will provide educational material and screening for the Tikondane  community.

VOLUNTEER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE                        Project Budget $2,000

Nitra, Slovakia is a Sister City of Naperville, Illinois. 

Volunteerism is a relatively new concept in Slovakia.  In 2005 a group of three abuse specialists and two members of the Naperville Police Department traveled to Nitra and led a three day conference on domestic violence and sexual abuse at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra.  This conference was open to all professionals in Slovakia.   In 2006 another group of three youth specialists and two members of the Naperville Police Department traveled to Nitra and conducted training in drug abuse to professional practitioners and the Nitra Police Department.

As a result of these conferences a crisis hotline was established for victims of abuse to report the abuses and seek support and counseling.  The hotline is staffed by trained volunteers, many of which are students in social services who can gain valuable practical experience before entering their profession.

This project will provided funds to support the crisis hotline expenses of telephone, office supplies, training material, and mass mailings.

BERGER DENTAL CLINIC                                                   Project Budget $3,170

Crossroads Community Church in Naperville is planning to develop a dental office in a small building they have in Tegucigalpa, Honduras next year.  The State dental school is also in Tegucigalpa, the capitol of Honduras; and students can gain valuable experience here treating residents of an orphanage operated by Crossroads before starting their professional careers.

Equipment to outfit a two chair dental office is being donated to Crossroads Community Church by the International Medical and Dental Committee.  This project will provide funding to ship the donated equipment to Honduras.